Urban and regional development strategies

Permanently successful towns, cities and regions define their development priorities according to a sound, deliberate strategy that enables them to thrive. With ten years of practical urban development experience behind us, we help our clients to have development strategies, programmes that serve as support and guideline through political cycles and many years. Our main policy fields of expertise:

-    Urban development concept
-    Urban development strategy
-    Regional development strategy
-    Investment and economic incentive strategy
-    Economic/Industrial zones, areas utilization concept, feasibilty study
-    Climate strategy

The founder of our company himself worked as urban development leader for a municipality. Therefore we understand and treat our clients’ needs with personal collegiality. 

Our mission and goal

Our mission
Shaping policies for a better world.
Our goal
Through supporting our clients, turning Enrawell Consulting into an international policy analysis and consulting firm which excels at reliability, scientific background and professional practice in the Central European market.

Loyalty. Dedication. Trust. We believe in development.