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The main field of Enrawell Consulting is policy and economic analysis, consulting. Our clients are mostly central government institutions and agencies, local governments,  employers’ NGOs, trade unions and institutions of higher education. Our team has been working in this market for more than ten years.


We rely on both our academic scientific background and real-life experience in our work. The advantage of our firm is that it combines the national, macro level perspective with micro level knowledge. The latter is of paramount importance because implementation of policy decisions and projects always happens at this micro level. Successful policy proposals, development strategies, project plans can come to life only if decision makers pay attention to the way they are realized in practice by the project teams, public administration actors, towns and cities.  


We’re eager to help our clients with this complex approach on their road to success.

Our colleagues

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Our mission and goal

Our mission
Shaping policies for a better world.
Our goal
Through supporting our clients, turning Enrawell Consulting into an international policy analysis and consulting firm which excels at reliability, scientific background and professional practice in the Central European market.

Loyalty. Dedication. Trust. We believe in development.