• 2021 May 27 - 12:00am

    Development policy, Social economy: renewal of office

    David Szebeni is the new secretary of Social Economy Department of Hungarian Economic Association
  • 2020 Jun 19 - 2:46pm

    What's wrong with KATA?

    David Szebeni talks with radio hosts of Millásreggeli about the KATA tax system

    Jazzy radio
  • 2020 Jun 18 - 2:43pm

    Hungarian tax system in a vicious circle - What's wrong with KATA?

    David Szebeni's article about rumours of thightening KATA tax rules

  • 2020 Jun 8 - 2:38pm

    100 kms of bicycle routes to enhance tourism of Hódmezővásárhely

    Gyula Nagy and David Szebeni introduced the tourism conception of Hódmezővásárhely area

  • 2020 Jun 5 - 1:55pm

    Expert: Special economic zones could have positive effects

    David Szebeni talks on ATV about special economic zones

  • 2020 Jun 5 - 1:51pm

    What should we do with EU grants?

    Our directors' thoughts on the development policy measures needed due to the COVID-19 crisis

  • 2020 Jun 5 - 1:30pm

    COVID19: Not only the economy, but the cohesion of society is at stake now

    David Szebeni's article about the global pandemic crisis

  • 2020 Jan 28 - 8:12am

    Opportunities of Budapest Development Center

    David Szebeni talks about Budapest regional development on Jazzy Radio 

  • 2020 Jan 27 - 8:02am

    The reason why Budapest Development Center is needed

    David Szebeni on the development of Budapest metropolitan region

  • 2020 Jan 6 - 8:01am

    Painful decisions about EU funds in 2020

    Our directors among lead experts of Hungary on Portfolio

  • 2020 Jan 5 - 11:00am

    New EU funds in Hungary

    An article by Gábor Ferenc Kiss about the EU funds of the new period.

  • 2019 Dec 8 - 3:10pm

    Convergence isn't automatic, we need to work for it

    David Szebeni talks in Kossuth Radio interview on agglomeration development

    Kossuth Radio
  • 2019 Dec 3 - 12:00am

    21st Century Urban Development

    David Szebeni presented for municipalities about succesful urban development projects at professional event

  • 2019 Nov 15 - 12:00am

    "EU from British aspect" book launch

    Gábor Ferenc Kiss, editor of the book in the panel discussion

  • 2019 Nov 8 - 12:00am

    A lot needs to be done for the agglomeration convergence!

    Dávid Szebeni presented azt the National Urbanistic Conference

  • 2019 Nov 6 - 12:00am

    National Urbanistic Conference

    David Szebeni among the speakers of National Urbanistic Conference

  • 2019 Oct 9 - 12:00am

    What's the reason of project delays in the municipal sector?

    Interview with David Szebeni about the nationvide delays of municipal projects

  • 2019 Jul 19 - 12:00am

    Climate change adaptation in Hungary

    David Szebeni talks about adaptation of Hungarian settlements in interview

  • 2019 May 25 - 12:00am

    There is good use of EU funds, if there's a will

    Gábor Ferenc Kiss and the FundMonitor about EU development programmes
  • 2019 Jan 1 - 12:00am

    2019 can be strong

    Our directors have their say along with other professionals about ESIF Funds in Hungary

  • 2018 May 31 - 12:00am

    About the EU funding cuts

    Gábor Ferenc Kiss has his say along with fellow analysts
  • 2016 May 2 - 12:00am

    Debate day about ESIF Funds

    Gábor Ferenc Kiss talks on Hír TV

    Hír TV
  • 2015 Aug 30 - 11:18am

    Beszélgetés +

    Gábor Ferenc Kiss on ESIF funds in PPlusz TV

    PPlusz TV
  • 2013 Jan 21 - 3:27pm

    EU billions: chaos or order?

    Our directors' article about the development policy system.


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