Policy analysis and consulting

We believe that sound policy decisions are ways to improve quality of life for society. Supporting this idea we mix tools of science with practical experience in order that our clients make their responsible deicisions successfully. We’re honoured to have ministries, government agencies, institutions and trade associations amoung our clients.

Our main policy fields of expertise:

-    EU Cohesion Policy, development policy analysis, assessment, evaulation and consulting, data collection, survey, education
-    Economic incentives analysis, evaulation, strategic planning, data collection, survey, education
-    International economic relations alaysis, strategic planning, data collection, survey, education
-    Labour market analysis, evaluation, strategic planning, data collection, survey
-    E-government solutions
-    Education policy analysis, data collection, survey

Our mission and goal

Our mission
Shaping policies for a better world.
Our goal
Through supporting our clients, turning Enrawell Consulting into an international policy analysis and consulting firm which excels at reliability, scientific background and professional practice in the Central European market.

Loyalty. Dedication. Trust. We believe in development.