Gábor Ferenc Kiss

Managing Director
+ 36 30 314 2323
kiss.gabor [@] enrawell.eu

Gábor Ferenc Kiss is a development policy professional with more than a decade of experience in grant applications, project implementation, grant application assessment, programme evaulation, research projects, strategy planning and consulting. The mainly corporate, municipal and university projects he handled or participated worth more than 21 million EUR.

He’s the lecturer of „EU grants, application and management” course at Corvinus University of Budapest since 2010. Earlier, he led a similar course at Budapest Business School – University of Applied Science as well.

He joined Enrawell Group in 2012, he’s managing director since 2013 and co-owner since 2015. Since 2015, he’s also president of the Network for Regional Development Foundation civil society organization which is active in international grants. Gabor is married and proud father of a boy. He devoites his spare time to his family and sport.

He believes in the reasonable, efficient and rule following use of subsidies. He lays emphasis on the importance of the subject in his public appearances too. Gábor is looking for partners and projects during his work, where the objective is creating real values.

His motto: „Spending of subsidies itself is not a merit. We believe in development.”

Gábor graduated as economist (Masters degree) at Corvinus University of Budapest in 2008. He is currently PhD at International Relations PhD Programme of Corvinus University of Budapest. His field of research is the Cohesion Policy of EU.

Key fields of experience:

  • Cohesion policy
  • Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA)
  • Labour policy
  • International economy
  • Quantitive and qualitative research

Loyalty. Dedication. Trust. We believe in development.